Snippet | Live streaming & the challenge of creating sticky communities

Where live streaming is becoming an increasingly popular social media format, Restream, as a cross-platform simultaneous streaming service, becomes an important tool for streamers to find and retain sticky communities without imposing the limitations of a closed off ecosystem.

Snippet | Furniture retail’s digital frontline

Amazon’s latest version of its AR app compounds on its strategy to enhance the online experience of buying furniture. Its primary objective is to capture the digital market share of furniture retail before giants like IKEA and Costco build out their omnichannel capabilities.

Snippet | The Netflix Shuffle

For streaming services like Netflix, the battle for users’ discretionary time occurs on two major fronts - content and personalisation. Hacking personalisation through sophisticated recommender engines becomes as important as content in achieving retention in a saturated market.

Snippet | Tiktok’s virality and music distribution

The partnership with UnitedMasters, a music distributor, is a strategic move by TikTok to build on its ability to be more than an entertainment platform and become the home for young independent artists seeking an avenue for exposure.

Snippet | The Epic fight against app store monopolies

Epic Games has filed individual lawsuits against Apple and Google, citing the tech giants’ monopolistic control over their Android and iOS ecosystems as the point of contention. However, the antitrust implications for Apple and Google look very different.

Snippet | Bitcoin’s coming of age

The confluence of Macro-level uncertainties triggered by the pandemic, an era of hyper quantitative easing and the appetite of younger investors may just be the catalyst for Bitcoin’s widespread adoption as a store of value asset.

Snippet | TikTok’s potential $588 per user valuation

At a market cap of $755 billion (at point of writing) Facebook’s per user value is around $290. If Facebook is some leading indicator of the pinnacle of per user value for social media, then at $50 billion for the roughly 85 million American users, TikTok’s per user value would be $588.

Snippet | Paypal’s QR Payments strategy for crowded physical retail

Paypal is re-prioritising its QR Payments project to leverage the pandemic instigated focus on contactless payments to establish a foothold in physical retail. QR’s ease of deployment can help Paypal achieve merchant adoption, however consumer adoption in the US remains a challenge.

Snippet | TikTok’s necessity sets precedent for algorithmic transparency

Big Tech takes the stance that technology and not ‘subjective’ regulatory oversight can solve for the negative societal impacts amplified by information consumption on their platforms. TikTok has just set a precedence that moves away from this narrative out of necessity.

Snippet | Walmart adds 15,000 sellers to their e-commerce platform

Following a surge in online shopping and Walmart’s merging of its grocery app with its marketplace, it has outperformed Amazon on seller performance to become the Iphone’s number one shopping app.