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Snippet | Bitcoin’s coming of age

The confluence of Macro-level uncertainties triggered by the pandemic, an era of hyper quantitative easing and the appetite of younger investors may just be the catalyst for Bitcoin’s widespread adoption as a store of value asset.

Snippet | TikTok’s necessity sets precedent for algorithmic transparency

Big Tech takes the stance that technology and not ‘subjective’ regulatory oversight can solve for the negative societal impacts amplified by information consumption on their platforms. TikTok has just set a precedence that moves away from this narrative out of necessity.

Snippet | Pandora’s ad network wants listeners to become voice native

Pandora is expanding the scope of its 'voice-interactive’ ads beta testing to a larger audience. Primarily the voice interactions with audio ads remain basic in nature, for now, requiring only a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reply from the user to engage with the ad’s content.

Snippet | The vacuum Tik Tok left behind in India

As India’s hard ban of TikTok sets a new precedent for the regulatory resistance of viral applications, the question on investors' minds is the impact of this on the video app’s existing market share in India.

Snippet | Ad industry grappling with Big Tech’s privacy signalling

As the function of targeted advertising grapples against a user privacy push, ad revenue giants like Apple and Google are making it clear that they stand in the user’s camp, shifting to an “opt-in” user philosophy. The challenge lies in signalling a privacy-conscious ethos without isolating the ad industry.